Kenosha Rotary West has joined forces with Water for the World to make the world a healthier place one Guatemalan village at a time.  Water for the World is a subcommittee of the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Water Works Association.  The Chair of the subcommittee is John Andersen, an employee of the Kenosha Water Utility. Every year Mr. Andersen leads a team of volunteers to design and build a fresh water distribution system for a Guatemalan village that currently does not have access to clean water.

This year a fresh water distribution system will be installed for the Village of Tzay (sigh).  Our very own Fran Wargolet will be joining the group for the full two week construction period.  The project will build a concrete structure to capture spring water which will include a pumping station.  The spring water will be pumped to a location above the Village where the spring water will be stored in a second concrete structure.  From the second structure the spring water will be gravity fed down to the village where 50 services will be installed for the residents of Tzay.  In addition to the two structures construction will include electrical work and piping.

While the team is in Tzay for two weeks they will provide two additional educational opportunities.  They will hold a health and hygiene program for the residents. For the children of Tzay a program called Adventure Kids Learning will introduce them to school age kids in America.  They use this program to introduce children to different cultures.

In addition to Fran Wargolet stepping up to represent our Rotary Club in Guatemala, our Rotary will be sponsoring this project with a donation of $4,000.  If you wish to get involved with this project, consider fundraising and/or donating money to the cause. $60 from each member would cover the $4,000 donation.  The Board agreed to cover whatever amount is not raised by membership.



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